Nagendra Goyal

Message from Desk

Students should try to bring education in the right direction in different areas with the right values ​​for high flying in the unlimited sky. Children should be prepared to face the problems and challenges of this complex world. They should have empathy for tolerance, compassion and weakness. According to Rabindranath Tagore, "Supreme Education is that which not only gives us information, but makes our life consistent with all existence".

We live in a world where adequate information is available, but the ability to understand it and get it from a beneficial level is attained only through education. We have been entrusted with the role of Administrator, Teacher and Advisor to fulfill this vision and extremely difficult mission in the institutions of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. Founded in 1977, Delhi Regional Office is moving along the way with many reliable milestones, but the challenge lies in the adaptation of the continuous education sector.

Our effort is to make education fun and meaningful. We are working to include educational changes, integrate technology, develop critical thinking skills, and generate a search for knowledge.

High rise is human nature but without proper training in human values, we can not be able to give them wings for an independent flight. Science and spirituality should be harmoniously mixed to make youthful character perfect for national service and development.

It is my belief that with the right attitude and inclusive work, the Delhi Regional Office will develop force for calculation and search for excellence, which is not impossible with difficulty. In Mother's words, "We should always strive for perfection and the specific level of today's perfection has not changed yet because no one reaches at least one step tomorrow."

(Nagendra Goyal )